Sweet Streams Lavender

Sweet Streams Lavender

Featured Product:
Lavender Roller, $10


Rollers are available in 4 different blends:
1. Lavender Mint Headache Blend – Reduces pain and discomfort caused by any type of headache.

2. Lavender Mint Orange Focus Blend – Helps to provide memory clarity and focus.

3. Lavender Bergamot Serenity Blend – Helps bring calmness and relaxation.

4. Lavender Mint Eucalyptus Breathe Blend – Reduces blockage and clears airways caused by any stress or pressure. This is a must have in winter or during high pollen seasons.

How to Apply:

Roll on a little behind your ears or roll directly on forehead or roll on a diffuser bracelet

Made in Bucyrus, Kansas

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